FIVE by Circus-P

You should support Circus-P, a US vocaloid producer that has been pretty well known.

12 Apr 2014

What is Vocaloid?

I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be hosting a Panel for MomoCon 2014. This is my second time attending as a Panelist and I will be speaking about a Vocal Synthesizer program called Vocaloid by Yamaha which I have been a member of the community for some time and which has

09 Apr 2014

Music Appreciation?

To my musician friends, when you are out and about at the bar with friends or with family, how do you drown out the musician in you listening and prying someone else’s music and thinking of ways to manipulate or study┬áthe time, the key, the swing? Anyone? Am I just going to have to deal

05 Apr 2014

Just got V3 with English Miku, here is a test.

I received my Vocaloid 3 software with English Miku. This is the result of installing the software and playing around with it for only 5 minutes. This is a pretty neat Vocal Synth. Really fun to play around with.  

18 Feb 2014

Cross DJ for Android

I had been looking for a decent Mixing app on Android for a little while now. Finally, Mixvibes released their Cross DJ for Android. This is one smooth app for mixing on the fly. The features of this app are just amazing. It will analyze your songs, determine the beats per minute and during playback,

14 Feb 2014

Producing Music with Ableton Live by Jake Perrine

Currently learning Ableton Live 9 and picked up this book. Producing Music with Ableton Live by Jake Perrine. I made the purchase before realizing they had an updated version for 9. However the training materials is still relatively the same minus the newer features. Regardless, this book is a serious must have if you are

13 Feb 2014

Exciting Purchase

Because I got my Tax return and didn’t know what to spend my money on, I went ahead and purchased Crypton’s Hatsune Miku┬áV3 package on Tuesday. I’m really excited as this will certainly be a neat journey to go down. I just got to remember to practice more with it and master it. My goal

13 Feb 2014

Current Studio Setup

07 Jan 2014


This one question has started a whole new direction in life. I had no idea this would develop into what it has and even though I am a week away from the event it scares me to know what else may come. I submitted to MomoCon the idea to host a panel for Vocaloid. It’s

02 Mar 2013

Life Summary

I have been kind of busy with life so far. I am currently working full time and kind of really enjoying it even though the job takes a lot of time off my hands. The days go by quick and I black out and I get paid. I sometimes forget what I am doing. I

15 Sep 2012
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